Monday, 7 November 2011

Android AR 101

We need a kind of roadmap to know where we're going with our "studies". I'll be up front right now and say I will not be talking about nor releasing the source code to my little pet project but I will be releasing the source code to projects of demo apps I write to learn how to implement various AR technologies.

Think of this post more like a table of contents for up and coming articles.

First up, lets itemize what I intend to write about.
  1. Examples of AR apps and which AR library/SDK to use
  2. The Android NDK and setting up an Eclipse development environment
  3. OpenGL ES and debugging with Visual Studio (meet Wogles)
And advanced topics I hope to write about as I figure them out for myself:
  1. 3D modeling and importing models into OpenGL ES
  2. Rendering 3D animations made in 3rd party applications like 3DS Max or Blender into OpenGL ES for the AR app
  3. Rendering video onto a small surface in the AR app
  4. Interacting with the AR app - implementing Virtual Buttons
I'll add hyperlinks to the above index as I publish the articles.

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